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Thursday, 28 Sept. 09:00

Changing Blueprints: Designing Services for Changing Organisations​

Vincenzo Di Maria and Claudia Busetto

4 h. hands-on workshop
In service design practice the “blueprint” is not only an arrival point or final deliverable: it condensates the different phases of a user experience, the elements that are part of it and all the activities that are needed to make it work.

In service design practice the “blueprint” is not only an arrival point or final deliverable: it is an organised scheme, sometime not too technical but detailed enough, a graphical representation that condensate the different phases of a user experience, the elements that are part of it and all the activities that are needed to make it work. Service blueprints are useful to anyone who works in user centred design as they give an overview end-to-end and surface-to-core. However we often don’t know their real potential or can’t make sense of the new possibilities that they offer.

Every time a company innovates a touchpoint, integrate a new digital channel or change their client’s experience new actions are required in the back-room. Organisations often struggle to keep track of this interconnected changes: a well designed service blueprint is a way to implement, operate, maintain and monitor their service, it is a living tool that evolves and changes with the organisation and the services they offer. In this workshop you will learn how to design a service blueprint, why it is different from other tools like the user journey map and when to use it: we will also explore blueprints as dynamic representations and how they evolve as market and user behaviours change or organisations transform themselves How can we design a clear and effective tool that can evolve over time? What is the right level of information to represent and how do we keep track of changes? How do we deliver a blueprint to the final client and how can they keep iterating themselves the different components?

Designing for organisational transformation means creating responsive tools that can work at the crossroad of change management and design disciplines, choosing a language that allows all departments to understand the holistic system perspective but also allow to zoom in on technical details, providing the relevant amount of information above and below the visibility line.


Vincenzo Di Maria and Claudia Busetto

Vincenzo Di Maria

Vincenzo Di Maria is a service designer and professional trainer with international experience. Co-founder of commonground Srl and currently based at Impact Hub Siracusa, Vincenzo is the former president of Architecta, the Italian Society of Information Architecture. His work focuses on service design and cross-channel experiences, his approach to design is holistic, playful and people-centred. He trained at Central Saint Martins, College of Art & Design in London and he currently collaborates with the POLI.Design in Milan, IED Madrid, INSEEC Business School in Paris. He also organises Service Design South, an immersive learning experience in Siracusa.

Claudia Busetto

Claudia Busetto is a communication specialist with a humanistic background, user centred purpose and wide range of digital skills, UX design and development experience. Co-founder of commonground Srl, a service and experience design agency based in Sicily, Claudia manages, organises and translates information chunks into effective communication outputs. She has a multidisciplinary approach, using design thinking models and information architecture methods. She aims for clarity and usability of digital service experiences. She organised the World IA Day 2014 in Siracusa and she is the former treasurer of Architecta, the Italian Society of Information Architecture.

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Changing Blueprints: Designing Services for Changing Organisations​
Vincenzo Di Maria and Claudia Busetto
In service design practice the “blueprint” is not only an arrival point or final deliverable: it condensates the different phases of a user experience, the elements that are part of it and all the activities that are needed to make it work.
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